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Album Descriptions

Where the Sand meets the Sea is a transition, a place in between… And that can be both magic and inspiration. Playful waves chase each other to the shore in hypnotic rhythm. Life moves at its own pace, and the stress of daily life slips away like the sand through your fingers. Whether Caribbean, Mediterranean, Brazilian, or beyond – it’s warm and the breezes blow softly at night. Sunrises can be stunningly beautiful, especially when you’re on the way home…
From those memories and images - along with a nod to classics like Caravan, and Night in Tunisia, and a wink to all the Bossa Nova composers - my take on the sandy seaside scene is a series of pretty little tunes that are easy to listen to and fun to play…
And with the unbelievable talent my friends bring to the table, I’m amazed at how my little tunes grow and blossom into such nice music.
That’s magic for real…

Dog Tired:
I'd been writing film soundtrack music for TMG/5 Artists and Westlake Signal Group for over ten years.  This is a collection of cool tunes that somehow were never used.  It has already received syndicated air-play on over 500 stations in North America.  Featured under "Emerging Artists" on George Noory's AM Coast to Coast.
My kids and our dog appear on the cover.  The dedications include those 3 boys who grew up with a musician dad and were dragged around to fairs and festivals without complaining too much.  Our dog shared the den with me and listened to all the wrong notes and bad chords for over fifteen years without complaining at all...
"One for Tony" was written for and dedicated to my good friend, inspiration, and mentor - Tony Zamora

Bitter Coffee:
This Band was an amazing experience.  We went from playing clubs and coffee houses to fairs and festivals - including some audiences of more than ten thousand.  The private parties we played at the Colts Complex Pavilion in Indianapolis were fun times I'll never forget.
Our special guests over the years included vocalists Ly (Tartell) Wilder, Regina Todd Hicks, and Amanda Overmyer who went on to compete on American Idol.  The instrumentalists who sat in from time to time included everything from veteran professionals to excellent part time musicians with day jobs.  It was quite a run and I honestly can't remember them all.

"Bitter Coffee" was my amusing response to buying Buddy Guy's album "Sweet Tea."  The song wrote itself in about ten minutes, and is still one of my favorites.
The rest of the tunes happened over time, but each represents a different region or style of blues.  All the final arrangements were a collaborative effort among some really talented people who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
I can't thank Jeff Newman and Craig Schnarr enough - we could read each other's minds.

The original release in 2003 had two cover songs.  We paid the royalties and got a mechanical license for a thousand copies which eventually sold out.  After the band finally dissolved, I would listen to it from time to time but never did anything else with it.
A few months ago, someone suggested simply cutting the two covers and re-releasing the disk with the ten originals.
Wow - mind blown. 

At the end of each live performance, I would thank the audience and say "I hope you all had at least half as much fun as I did."
And now with the opportunity to share these songs and great memories again, I hope you have at least half as much fun listening to them as I had making them.